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Dual Master Cylinder for TF


John Crawley

I used a non-power Vega (1975?) master cylinder and proportioning valve that I got from
Pick-Your-Part. New ones are available from NAPA for under $100. The difference
between the MGTF master and the Vega is that the Vega mounts with bolts on either
side of the piston on the front of the master cylinder. The TF mounts with bolts through
the side. I made an L shaped bracket that bolts (through the long leg of the L) to the TF
frame. The small leg of the L is drilled to fit the bolts for the Vega cylinder and also for
the master cylinder rubber boot to go through. I also welded a triangular brace across
the bottom of the L. There was a small casting lump at the back of the Vega master that
I had to grind away to make room to clear the tube cross-member on the TF. I also had
to cut the back of the Clutch/Brake box away to get clearance for the L bracket. The
proportioning valve came with a bracket that bolted to the TF frame. The brake lines are
plumbed exactly the same as the Vega was – one to the front and one to the rear. In
stopping the brakes are perfect with excellent balance front to rear. I used MGB disks
and differential and had to do no adjustments other than set the rear drums as you
normal do with an MGB.

This only documents what I did, on my car, for me to use and I make no
recommendations one way or the other as to modifying the brakes on any vehicle. What
you do to your car is YOUR responsibility.
Godspeed in safety Fast . . . Jc