Car Lists

For your information there are two car lists presented on Ttalk, MersonTDList.htm and TFList.htm.

 Both are also viewable as .xls Excel files


Please be certain to refresh your browser before viewing the lists.

MersonTDList has been a list of TDs compiled by a TD enthusiast named George Merson.  George had been providing the list of TD owners since 2005 and has now retired.  Hopefully, another enthusiast will show up and take over where George left off.  I'll continue to publish the list on Ttalk for as long as I can.  The TD List will now be maintained as a spreadsheet using Excel. I have bee n using Excel 2003 because it allows me to readily create the webpage (.htm) version.  The webpage version is back.  New problem is with the Excel version.  I hope that you Excel users can continue to open the 2003 version.

Today's, 3/19/2023 version lists 3168 cars.

I'll try to continue updating the Excel version with a reasonably up-to-date version of Excel.

 For any additions or corrections please email me at Bud.

 To view the TD list as a webpage click MersonTDList.htm

To view the TD list as an Excel spreadsheet click MersonTDList.xls  (you'll need an Excel-type program to view it)

For Excel 2007 Use: MersonTDList.xlsx


The other is the list of TFs that had been compiled by Jeff Payne.  For the past few years the TF list has been compiled by Rick Taylor.  As compiled, the TFList contains information on 1,540 TFs.

To view the latest TF file as a webpage click here  TFList.htm

Try this - you can download the latest TF list in Excel by clicking here : TFList.xls

Click here on his name to email Rick Taylor for additions, changes or corrections.

Please note that these lists are being compiled by their respective authors and are being displayed on this site strictly for convenience.  The contents of the lists are strictly in the hands of those individuals and they should be contacted directly for any further information, corrections, additions, etc., etc., etc.