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This is the index to a series of web pages intended to disseminate technical information related to T-series MGs, especially TDs and TFs.  TAs, TBs and TCs are well taken care of from a number of sources, especially,, and  I'm also rather inclined toward TD stuff, being as how I'm the proud owner of a 1952 TD named Lazarus.

 A substantial amount of the information on these pages will be gleaned from my own experiences and is strictly my opinion.  There's no way on earth that I can always be right so I'll have to warn you ahead of time that these are just my opinions and observations.  I hope that they never cause harm to anyone, but I can't be responsible for that.  If you follow my suggestions or recommendations, it's done at your own risk. I'll try not to plagiarize, but I'll be sharing information from others on a number of occasions.  I'll try my best to give credit where it is due.

A new section entitled 'Contributions' has been added to present contributions by others.

Unless they're being used as hyperlinks, most images will probably be thumbnails that will expand into larger images when you click on them.  I'll try to remember to place a link bar at the top of each page to allow you to return to where I suspect that you might want to get back to.  The index below is broken up into a few sections, including Lazarus and Tech Stuff.  The Lazarus section is a group of pages telling the story of my TD, Lazarus, and some of his adventures.

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Lazarus, my 1952 TD
Lazarus in the movies
Lazarus Meets an Old Friend

Special Events

Hans Across The Water
Hans Across The Water-Encore

Tech Stuff

Advance curves
Alternators for Tcars
Andrex Shock Absorbers
Anti-Sway Bar Systems TD &TF
Arnolt Heater installation information
Badge Bar Mystery
Battery Box Bolts
Battery Box Wood
Beck-Arnley to SU Part Numbers (Peter Caldwell)
Body ID Plate
Body Bolts & Nuts f/TD
Bonnet Props
Brake Light Relay
Brake Servo into TD (David Tinker)
Brake System Rebuild (Larry Shoer)
Camshaft ID'ing (Dave DuBois)
Camshaft Specs
Car No. Location
Clutch Linkage Fix (O'Conner)
Clutch stop in pedal box
Condenser Failure in Conventional Ignition Systems (Steve Maas)
Coolant Overflow Recovery Tank
Cooling System Flow (Gene Gillam)
Cracked crankshaft pulley images
Dashboard Images by Patrick Earles
Door Catches
Door Fix w/turnbuckle
Door Hinge Refurbishing (Roy Challberg)
Dynamator for Lazarus (w/Control Box)
Dynamator for Lazarus (w/Terminal Strip)
Emergency Fuel Pump (Stuart Locke)
Emergency Fuel Pump II (Bud)
Engine on Stand
Float Lever Adjustment (Dave DuBois)
Floorboard Templates (Roy Challberg)
Fuse Addition (Jim Merz)
Fuel Tank Innards (Bill Cassidy)
Gearbox Rear Seal Modification
 Girling Rear Shock Absorber Renewal by Larry Shoer
Grunau MG T & MMM Parts & Service
Half Shafts
Half Shaft Installation
Half Shaft Replacement
Hazard Flasher Wiring
Heater Plumbing by Gordon Lawson
High Mount Rear Lights
Hinged Side Curtain Compartment (Dave DuBois)
Holcombe Armature Kit
Ignition & Petrol Warning Lights
Ignition Failure Caused by Carbon Brush
Instrument Panel Ground
Intake Manifolds
Lazarus' Heater
Lazarus Meets an Old Friend
LED High Mount Lights
Lost tread. When tires age.
Modern Thermostat
Odd TF Exhaust
Pedal Shaft and Bushing Replacement (Jeff Delk)
Pedal Shaft Replacement for RHD cars
Pertronix Ignition Installation
Rack and Pinion Oiling
Radiator Support Orientation
Rear Brake Backing Plate IDs
Rear Drum Holder (Steve Wincze)
Rear End Conversion
Remanufactured 4.3 Axles by Dave Clark
Removeable SU Overflow Pipes
Rehabilitated Thermostat Housing (Bob Jeffers)
Road & Track Collection For Sale GONE TO RECYCLING
Roller Camshaft Kits by Len Fanelli
Shaping of TD/TF Kick Panels
Side Curtain Information
Side Curtain Box Information
Spin-on Oil Filter Adapter
Steering Rack Oil
Steering Wheel Repair
Tachometer Gearbox Issues
TD Carburetor Overflow Pipes
TD Lug Wrenches (Wheelbraces)
TD Wiring Diagrams from Dave Runnings
TD SeatBack Drawings by Jim Benjamin
TF Modifications by Dave Sheward
TF Seat Recovering by John Crawley
TF Tonneau Bar Images by Graeme Evans
TF Valance Modification by Jim Melvin
Thermostat Housing Rehabilitation by Bob Jeffers
Tow Bar Information
Tub Assembly Information by Hiram Kelley (Word file)
Tub Restoration by Hiram Kelley (Part 1)
Tub Restoration by Hiram Kelley (Part 2)
Tub Restoration by Hiram Kelley (Prequel)
Under-dash Shield Installation
Valve Seals by Colin Chapman
Victor TF
W.K.F. Wood's XPAG Engine Document
Warning Lamp Mounting
Wheel Bearing Puller (Steve Wincze)
 XPAG Cooling System (Gene Gillam)
ZDDP Oil Issues

Hosted Pages

5 and 6-speed gearbox options for XPAG/XPEG engines (Gordon Clark)


Jim Neel's List of TD WebSites
Brake Servo for TD by David Tinker

 Beck-Arnley to SU Part Numbers by Peter Caldwell
Changing your valve guide seals on XPEG/XPAG by Colin Stafford
Condenser Failure by Steve Maas
Dashboard Images by Patrick Earles
How LaVerne's Green Hornet got that way
Pedal Shaft and Bushing Replacement by Jeff Delk
Remanufactured 4.3 Rear Axles from Dave Clark
TD Wiring Diagrams from Dave Runnings
Numerous technical items from David DuBois
MG TD Auxiliary fuse panel installation by Evan Ford
Turn signals by Gene Burgess (Word file)
Great TD Restoration Images by Dave Braun
Brake System Rebuild Notes by Larry Shoer
Refurbishing of TD/TF Door Hinges by Roy Challberg
Half Shaft Replacement (Guenter Kallies)
Heater Plumbing (Gordon Lawson)
Hinged Side Curtain Compartment (Dave DuBois)
MKII Intake Images from Ian Bowers
Reupholstery of TF Seats by LaVerne Downey
High Mount Rear Lights by Charlie Baldwin
Fuel Tank Sealing by Larry Shoer
Camshaft ID'ing & Specs by Dave DuBois
XPAG Cooling System by Gene Gillam
Tub Assembly by Hiram Kelley
Removeable SU Overflow Pipes by Bob Jeffers
Rear Drum Holder by Steve Wincze
Wheel Bearing Puller by Steve Wincze
Rehabilitated Thermostat Housing by Bob Jeffers
TD-related Websites by James Neel
4.3 Conversion Images from Scott Ashworth
TF Valance Modification for Access by Jim Melvin
Roller Camshaft Kits by Len Fanelli
W.K.F. Wood's XPAG Engine Document (NEMGTR)

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