Spin-On Oil Filter Adapter

Going from to in a few easy steps.

I decided that Lazarus' life expectancy would be enhanced with the addition of a modern spin-on oil filter with an anti-drainback valve.  Fortunately, the engine in Lazarus is a late model (#28839) with the external Tecalemit housing.  Moss Motors sells such adapters but I opted to go directly to the maker of them, Bob Grunau.  Bob is well known as a maker of  a wide range of high quality items for T-cars.  The cost of the adapter was $100US, plus delivery and, IMHO, well worth it.  Bob designed the adapter to mate with the Fram PH-3600 Ford Taurus filter.  I'm a firm advocate of the NAPA/Wix line of filters made by the Gard Corp. so I'm using a NAPA 1515 with mine.

The cartridge that I had been using with the Tecalemit housing was a NAPA 1300.  It's a quality cartridge but, by it's nature, there are no anti-drainback features.  Using the SWAG system I'd estimate that the NAPA 1515 has about twice the filtering medium as the 1300.  And on top of that, it costs less (about $5.50 vs. $6.75) and is readily available.

Installation of the adapter is really quite easy and can readily be done in fifteen minutes without having to get under the car.  You'll most likely want to do the filter swap in conjunction with an oil change anyhow.  There are two things that you'll need for the job, one of which you probably already have, namely a rubber gasket that measures about .088" thick.  This is one of the gaskets that comes with the cartridge type of filter.  You should already have one in the Tecalemit housing.  The other is a tool to remove the old adapter by unscrewing it. I made mine by grinding a couple of slots on diametrically opposite edges of a deep 3/4" socket (1/2" drive).  This fits very nicely over a 3/8" bolt passed through the holes in the old adapter. This then allows you unscrew the old adapter .  Just remove the parts that come loose, a couple of circular discs and the threaded adapter.  Here's what you'll have, old and new .  Now is the time to check in the filter housing to assure that the gasket is in there. Empty vs. gasket seated .

Next, it's simply a matter of screwing the new adapter into place .  I'd suggest that you paint the adapter before you install it, otherwise it'll rust.  Next step is to simply screw on the new NAPA 1515, or Fram PH-3600 filter following the accepted practices for such filters, e.g., a smear of oil on the rubber gasket before installing it and don't overtighten it. Just a note: you can save yourself a few anxious moments by filling the filter with oil before you actually install it.  Then, as least it's my habit, turn the engine over with the key OFF until you see a reading on the oil pressure gauge before you fire up the engine.  You did remember to install the oil, right?

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Bob Grunau
150 Pinewood Trail
Mississauga, Ontario
Canada, L5G-2L1

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Added info as of Sept. 29, 2014 -- Over the years I've had some problems when removing the spin-on filter for replacement.  The problem is that the torque necessary to unscrew the filter has exceeded the 25 ft-lbs used to install the adapter.  After running it by Bob Grunau I reinstalled my adapter with a torque of 40 ft-lbs and with a dab of red loctite on the threads.  I've changed the filter twice since then with no problems.  I'd recommend this anyone.  Bud

After battling with the NAPA 1515 filter for a number years I've decided to let discretion get the better part of valor - I've switched to using the NAPA 1516.  The 1516 is a bit smaller than the 1515 and is a much easier fit into the confined space of the TD or TF.  8/1/2016  - Bud


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