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53 Battery Box

A thread was opened on the UKBBS in regard to the existence and method of mounting of a wooden platform upon which the battery of a TD or TF was located. See Battery Box Wood for a sketch prepared by Colin Stafford. I'm still surprised by how often I find areas of the53 that still appear to be original. It appears that, though the wood has long since rotted away, the mounting screws are still in the base of the battery box.  Here are some images of what I found:

Bolt in left side of battery box: Bolt in Right Side:

Both sides: Rear corner showing grommet for oil line:

I removed the bolt from the right side, cleaned it up and measured it:

The bolt is a 1/4-26.  Overall length is 1.358"; unthreaded portion of shank is .460".
The bolt and nut both take a 3/16W wrench.
The o.d. of the flat washer (on top of the box) is .630"; i.d. is .330", thickness is .071".
The o.d. of the split lock washer (under the box) is .407";  i.d. is .265".

Note that the rear corner image above shows what's left of the rubber buffer on the back wall of the battery box.