MG TD Dashboard Component Images
by Patrick Earles

While working on the restoration of his MGTD Patrick Earles decided to take a lot of images of the operation as he was going about it.  He's agreed to share these images with us by allowing me to post them on Ttalk.  Keep in mind that these are not intended to be 'step-by-step, here's how to do it' lessons, they're only images taken during the work. Patrick is happy to think that these may be of help to someone else doing a similar project.  It's very likely that many of the images will be of value to folks working on these projects. There is a link to Patrick's email in the box to the right of the title.

The image files are being presented with the use of the jAlbum program.  Clicking on a file in the list below will open up that jAlbum file.  There are 19 individual files, some are quite substantial, some not so large. The first file, Accessory Socket, is only a single image, so it's a good test to see if you're opening the jAlbum files.  Here's the list:

 Accessory Socket

 Amp Meter

Center Panel



Dash General

 Dash Rebuild Template

Fog Lamp Switch

Glove Box & Door

Horn Button

 Instrument Lights


Oil Pressure Gauge



Speedometer/Tachometer Housings


Warning Lamps

Windowed Ignition Switch

It's altogether possible that Patrick and I may be making changes to these files as time goes on.  So, I'd suggest that you 'refresh' your browser when you start working with this page.


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