Roller Cam System from Len Fanelli
When only the best will do!


 XPAG / XPEG Roller Lifter Camshafts. My camshafts are designed & produced by one of the four companies who supply the entire North American market with cores. This company and its engineer were recommended by Mr. Harvey Crane. This company also produces almost all of the transmissions and or gears for NASCAR Cup and Nationwide series race car teams, as well as cams and gears for many championship race cars, race and street bikes including Harley Davidson, and Victory motorcycles. A roller lifter cam will ALWAYS outperform a flat lifter cam of the same duration, with no cam / lifter wear. No ZDDP needed. (More HP & torque).  6 grinds from stock to all out race, including supercharged XPAG engines running on 15 lbs. of boost on methanol fuel! This is my eighth year of production. Satisfied customer testimonials on request.

Prices start at $1400 per kit which includes: camshaft, roller lifters, chrome moly heat treated .083 wall push rods, & valve springs designed for my camshafts. Distributor re curving also done. Ceramic coatings, moly coatings, (of pistons, etc.) CNC cylinder head porting also. All made in the USA. This is a period correct piece as was offered by Chet Herbert in the early 1950's.

As an option I have valve springs that fit the MG cylinder head better.
These springs are "Clean wire" spring material, CNC-coiled, stress relieved, shot-peened, & heat set.
 They come with  chrome moly retainers &  hardened steel lower locators for $1,650, with titanium retainers for $1,850.

Distributor re-curving also done. Ceramic coatings, moly coatings (of pistons, etc.). CNC cylinder head porting also.


 Stock grind low RPM torque 1000 - 4500 RPM 5000 max RPM.  200 degree duration on intake and exhaust.

 Street Performance cam  2200 - 5500 RPM 6500 RPM max. 210 degree duration on intake and exhaust.

 Street Supercharged  2,200-5,500RPM 6,500 max RPM. 200 degree duration on intake, 210 degree duration on  exhaust.
 Boosted engines perform best with longer exhaust and minimal overlap.

 Supercharged race modified 226 degree duration on intake, 236 degree duration on exhaust.

 Normally aspirated race camshaft  also available 236/236 duration.

  All @ .050"
Valve lift on all cams is .430".

New products, An  out  race cam designed to outperform the B&G 102, information on request.

Roller rocker arms also in stock $ 495. per set

Len Fanelli
Abingdon Performance
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