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 Intake Manifolds

(Revised May 2, 2006) and 4/29/15

Every once in a while the question comes up about intake manifolds on TDs, especially MKII TDs with their H4, 1.5" carburetors.  This topic was recently (April 06) talked about on the UK MG Enthusiast's Site.  The following text was provided by Sara Dahl:

1) TC-ONLY intake manifold factory # SA-2408 *casting #24062 'V' - 1 1/4" w/no cast fingers for mounting the oil bath air filter, TC's used a different style air filter system, bolts to mount carbs.

2) TD 1 1/4" (several styles were used-possibly by more than one mfg'r) factory #SA-2440 *casting #24280
R/1 & R/2, both look identical, except for the R # part. Used cast fingers on the intake to mount oil bath air cleaner and bolts. Also used 2 different styles of 'fingers', narrow & wide.

3) TD MK II 1 1/2" factory #SA-2440/1 *casting #168434 w/'W' (Wolsley mark) cast in and 'fingers', bolts for carb mounting

4) 54 TF & 55 TF 1500 factory #SA-2440/1 *casting #168434 w/o 'fingers' (as you all know TF's used dry element style on each carb) and 'studs' instead of bolts to mount the carbs.

There's some question about the existence of TF manifolds that do not have the 'fingers' cast into them.  Until some more justification is found, I think that the 'fingerless' manifold should be treated as an 'urban legend'.  Bud, April 29, 2015

At this moment I just happen to have a pair of H4s mounted onto their original manifold from a relatively early MKII.  The car that they are from is TDC 15185, owned by Les Frank of Osterville, MA.  The original engine number was TD2/15301.  However, the engine was replaced somewhere in the past by XPAG 3265, not a MKII engine, and the carburetors were transferred.  And I also just happen to have a later MKII intake manifold that I bought about a year ago.  Here are some images taken of them (thumbnails):

Early manifold, casting # 24280:


View showing casting number Closeup of casting number, showing 'R1'

Images from Marv Stuart of manifold from TDC 12828, a 24820, showing 'R2':


Later manifold, casting # 168434 w/ 'W':

View showing 1.5" opening: Closeup of casting number

The molding that was thought to be a 'W' for Wolsley, now appears to be an 'M' for ?

Among the mysteries is the presence of the screw in the top of the 168434 manifold.  I'm looking into that.  After closer examination I see that the screw is directly above the bolt that secures the balancing device.  I'm guessing that it had been used as a vacuum takeoff for tuning, or perhaps a vacuum gauge.

Other contributors to this information were Mick Conde and George Butz

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