TF images being shared by Dave Sheward

Subjects include :

Door Handles / "cure" for slipping latch internal pieces by drilling/tapping handles and installing a washer.
Door Hinges / access for hinges without having to remove side curtain & hood hardware.
In Boot Lamp wiring / moving Lucas connectors to a dry spot in the boot and using TF reflectors for "higher" turn & brake lamps bridged from originals.
Aux ELE Pannel / or "where can I install some more switches and fuses without bastardizing the dash".  
Bonnet Storage / For those who say "it's a can't fit anything in there" (Mines pretty packed up!)
Boot Storage / Serving Tray storage for wasted space on sides of the diffy! (A wealth of room for spares!)
I'll let you decide if you want to post any of this to ttalk   
Cheers & Best Regards,
David 55 TF1500 #7427

Images are thumbnails

Aux Elec Panel Elec Aux Fuses For a detailed look at the panel just click HERE

Bonnet D side Bonnet Empty

Bonnet P Side   Bonnet Stuff

Boot Storage Covered Boot Storage Packed Boot Storage

Door Hinge Access Door Hinge Panel On Door Latch Inside

Gasket Trick In Boot Lamp Wiring