Andrex Shocks


On November 11, 2020, I received the following email Information from Ola Hjørungdal of WindTec, Norway



 There are a lot of questions and meanings about the Andrex shock absorbers on the web.

 I have four Andrex shock absorbers that were sitting on my MG TD/C when I bought it. I opened them and the internals were in bad condition, mainly because of lack of maintenance and refilling of oil. I also know that the previous owner of my car did hardly look at them for 25years.

Under these bad conditions they have been sitting under my car for 68 years! And still I am able to restore them. Two of them would only need some internal cleaning, new oil and oil seals, and they would continue to work for many years from now

Because of that I do not agree with those who are claiming that Andrex were of a bad quality and had a bad design. Ok, they were  constantly leaking oil because of a poor oil seal solution.  And their performance on the cars handling ability could be so and so. But I believe that this was some of the best improvement for the car that they could come up with at that time.

So I decided to find out as much as I could about the Andrex shock absorbers, make a set of drawings, and fully restore them to functional units as they where from the beginning.

Here is a set of drawings of Andrex TE1 shock absorbers. There is an exploded view with a parts list and general info about the parts, oil type, and how to adjust them.

 My intention is to demystify as much as possible about the Andrex shock absorbers, and if I can, in this way help people to take care of them. So if these drawings can be used for anything, please, you are free to use them as you like.

 Beste helsing/Kind regards

 Ola Hjørungdal


Ola's material is in the form of pdf files that I can not insert directly as html webpages.  The file listings are links to the pdf files. Clicking on them should open the fils if you have a pdf viewer on your computer. You will need to contact Ola directly for any more information. Click here for email to Ola.



Andrex Shock Absorber parts list.pdf

ANDREX axle o-ring seal modification.pdf


ANDREX Shock housing and cover.pdf

ANDREX axle and sleeve.pdf

ANDREX friction disks.pdf

ANDREX Shock housing air vent. modification.pdf

Andrex Shock Split drawing.pdf

Started Nov. 24, 2020