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Hans Across the Water.

More Photos!!!  Courtesy of Mrs. Nadeau

Mike Joe & The K's.JPG (43576 bytes)       Bud & Hans.JPG (49614 bytes)            Mike R. Trefor French's & Walkers.JPG (42318 bytes)

The K's, Joe, Mike N.    Bud & Hans          Mike R., Trefor, French's  Walkers

     In late December we discovered that one of the faceless members of the mgs-list, Hans Duinhoven from Holland, was changing jobs and would be coming to the Boston area for some company training.  Well, the list being the list, in a short while Steve Walker was elected coordinator of a luncheon gathering to be held at the historic Wayside Inn in Sudbury at 12:30 on Sunday, January 9, 2000.  If we're lucky, this page will contain some images captured at that first meeting of the Northeast Chapter of the mgs-list.

Well, here they are.  Please forgive the neophyte web page work.  They're all thumbnails, so click on 'em. ... Bud

images/The Group.jpg (31871 bytes)images/Hans & Friends.jpg (105939 bytes)images/Hans & Trefor.jpg (88580 bytes)    

       The Group (sans Bud)      Hans & Friends    Trefor & Hans


 images/Carl & The Walkers.jpg (104035 bytes)images/Frank & Joe.jpg (93637 bytes)images/Hans & the Nadeau's.JPG (101056 bytes)images/It's a Polaroid.jpg (87493 bytes)  

Carl & Walkers      Frank & Joe       Hans, et al.          Mrs. Nadeau


images/Joe & Mike.jpg (98706 bytes)Mike R.& Trefor .jpg (98014 bytes)images/Mike's Diamond.jpg (56041 bytes)images/The Honeymooners.jpg (99277 bytes)

Joe & Mike N.    Mike R. & Trefor  Ask Mike N.     The Honeymooners


images/The Krajewski's.jpg (94197 bytes)images/The Road.jpg (99846 bytes)Walker's Great RBB.jpg (113794 bytes)

The Krajewski's    The Road            The Walker's RBB