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TD Lug Wrenches

My hunt for a lug wrench for Lazarus (TD10855) has raised more questions than answers.  According to the T-Series Handbook of the NEMGTR, "The wheel studs and nuts... were changed from British Standard Fine (BSF) to Unified (UNF or  SAE)  threads" as of car TD 12285 (Dec. 10, 1951).  The Service Parts List, AKD 834, says that a Wheelbrace, Part No. ACA 5217, became part of the Tool Kit commencing with Chassis No. 12285.

A significant problem is that the 'early' BSF nuts require a 7/16W wrench, or a 13/16" wrench.  However, the newer UNF/SAE nuts require a 3/4" wrench.

My early Operation Manual (Owner's Handbook)  says (Page 15) that a Wheel brace is included in the Tool Kit.  This Operation Manual precedes the wheel stud change (it shows the 9-post regulator).  On Page 18 there is a sketch showing an operator using the lug wrench on the spare wheel:
ManualP18If you click on the image to expand it you can take a good look at the shape of the end of the lug wrench.  You'll see that it's a smooth conical expansion from the small diameter of the wrench handle to the large end at the nut.

I was able to borrow a lug wrench from Paul Hinchcliffe's  very early '51 TD.  And, I was able to acquire a late TD/TF lug wrench from Jim Merz.  They're both shown here (not thumbnails):
2 wrenches          Wrench Ends
 Note how the 'Early' shape follows the shape of the image from the Owner's Manual.  Now then --- does anybody happen to know where I can find an 'Early' Lug Wrench/Wheelbrace?  Does anybody happen to know what the part number would be for an early wrench?
(Entered August 11,2003)


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