(Received from Larry Shoer, Feb. 6, 2007)

A new revised version of The Sacred Octagon CD-ROM is available! 

In 2005 the New England MG “T” Register produced a CD-ROM compilation of all published issues of The Sacred Octagon from 1964 through 2004 and an index to access all technical articles.  While the CD-ROM was well received, there were several aspects of its operation that were identified for improvement.  An ad hoc group formed to undertake these improvements, resulting in the release of Version 2 of The Sacred Octagon CD-ROM.  The new version includes the following enhancements: 

·        The software only requires Adobe Reader (or Adobe Acrobat) to operate.  The new CD-ROM runs more reliably on a range of Microsoft Windows operating systems and on Apple Mac computers.

·        A flexible search feature is fully integrated in the software to easily find information of interest.

·        A more useful Technical Article Index is implemented.

·        Incorrect links in the Article Index and the Issue Index are fixed.

·        Missing pages in the original CD-ROM have now been scanned and included.

·        Poor quality scans have been replaced with good quality images.

·        The navigation strategy has been refined to minimize the number of key clicks the user must enter. 

The group responsible for this new version of The Sacred Octagon was led by NEMGTR members Hal Kramer and Larry Shoer.  The work was assisted by testers George Butz, Evan Ford, Paul Gaynor, Don Harmer, Jerry Keller, Terry Sanders, Roger Thompson, and Blake Urban. Hank Rippert oversaw the project for the NEMGTR. 

Individuals who purchased and received the original copy of the TSO CD-ROM will receive at no charge a copy of the Version 2 CD-ROM, which will be mailed soon.  This will be mailed automatically to the purchaser of record. 

New orders may be placed for the Version 2 CD-ROM by sending a check for $99.00 USD, payable to: New England MG “T” Register, P.O. Box 470547, Charlotte, NC 28247-0547.  Please ADD $7.00 USD for orders outside the U.S.A.  

We are excited to make this valuable tool available to the MG community to help keep our “T” cars on the road for many years to come.  We hope you enjoy Version 2 of

The Sacred Octagon CD-ROM.


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