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Pertronix Igniter Wiring

For Negative Ground Cars

The wiring diagram shown below is modeled after one obtained from Pertronix. This shows the proper hookup for a Pertronix Igniter in a car wired for negative ground, or earth if you prefer.  It goes without saying that this is valid only for cars without ballast resistors, viz., our T-series cars.

Correspondence from an engineer at Pertronix has given some insight into where folks run into problems when installing the system into negative ground cars.  He says that the greatest problem, outside of failure to properly wire up the module, is poor grounding of the distributor base plate.  The module is really a 3-wire device, where the baseplate is the connection to ground.

Here's the diagram:

Probably the most significant thing to note is that the Pertronix Igniter module is connected between the coil and ground, just as a set of points is!


Procedures for testing a negative ground module are just a click away.  Click here.