TF Bonnet Prop from David Sheward

Here are a couple of shots of my Bonnet props.
I made these from parts I found at the local "Farm & Fleet" (now TSC / Tractor Supply Company)
Quite simple to make:
The "stick" is a fiberglass electric fence pole (aprx 1/2" in dia.)
The "mount" is a door spring cut in half with the "eye loop" fitted under the bolt for the bonnet release.
(Had to use a bit longer bolt there) 
It took just a little bit of "shaping" with a grinding wheel to "round off" the edges.
I added some shrink tubing to make them black (the fiberglass post were white) and "dipped" the tip
in rubber "tool grip" so it doesn't chip the paint.
Zip-tied some small budgie cords to the sticks to hold them in place when used and it's a done deal.
Nice thing about these is they "fold" behind the bonnet latches so they are always there when I need
them ....(just like the fold-down hood props found in modern cars)...and nobody notices them in the storage
First pic shows prop in the stored mode behind bonnet hinge:

Second shot shows one in the up poss. (the tension from the bungie cord "pulls" the bonnet against the stick so both can be open with no fear of bonnets hitting against one another or "flopping"
all the way over ...the bonnet "stay strap" (from Abingdon Spares) had already been installed before I made these I left it in place as well.