Images Taken April 7, 2013 abcd

Here are a dozen images of the53 taken April 7, 2013 to supplement text in some ads for the car.  A number of the warts shown are in the category of works in progress, e.g., the side curtain box is being constructed, the Moss Stayfast top (hood) hasn't been installed yet, nor have the rear mountings been covered with 'Rexine' and installed.

Here they are:

Front View.  The radiator surround is almost flawless.


Left Side View

Left Side

Rear View (Left tail light is taped over because of some bodywork being done)

Rear View

Right Side View

Right Side View

Under Bonnet, Right Side

Under Bonnet Right

Under Bonnet, Left Side

Under Bonnet, Left

View of Dashboard, Piping still to be installed below fascia


Driver's Seat (it's a mess, but useable), door panel is probably original

Driver's Seat

Passenger Seat (not original upholstery)

Passenger Seat

Tonneau Area - Side Curtain Box still to be completed and installed, New Moss Stayfast top (hood) will be installed this week.


Carpet - still in the box it came in


Instruments showing oil pressure at idle for fully warmed up engine.

Oil Pressure


The53 is for sale

First $9,000 gets it.


or call 508-746-6735