Sump for Sale SOLD
The53 came with an early, non-finned sump.  I have managed to locate a proper, finned, sump for the engine and am selling the one that came with the car.  As seen in the attached images, a lot of cleaning, etc., has been done to put the sump in excellent condition.  Three of the bellhousing mounting holes have had M8x1 helicoil inserts installed.  The drain plug is included, but it's a bit chewed up.  I'm going to try selling it here for 1 week (thru August 27th) before I make the foray into eBay.  I'm pricing it at $175US, including shipping to the continental US.  Pick it up in Plymouth, MA for $150.  BTW, the paint is Rustoleum Burgundy from a spray can.
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entered August 20, 2009