TD Bonnet Prop from Rob Woodfull

The following was received in an email from Rob Woodfull:

Greetings from Australia.

 I recently received a request from a Florida, USA, TD owner for details of the bonnet prop (yes another bonnet prop) that I designed for my TD, Matilda Grace. Apparently he saw a picture of Matilda Grace taken at a recent concours for European classics which is held in Victoria each year.His request forced me to document my design, a task I have been meaning to do for the past couple of years.Now that I have done so, I was wondering whether you would be interested in having it on your website. 

There are 13 jpeg images which I will send a few at a time so it does not overload the system. If you can be bothered to include it on your website, I am happy for other TD owners to use the design. 

Kind regards 

Rob Woodfull

MGCC Geelong

Here is Rob's design:



Fixing Points

Eye Bolt

EyeBolt Picture


Bracket Picture



Rod Picture


Side View

Installation Instructions