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Demister for Sale


I have been told that this is a Rare accessory for MG-T series cars.  I am told that T Cars have an outlet that this plugs into.  It is the same one as the elusive map light.  This is in  nice shape.  Chrome is not perfect, but it does shine up nice with a little polish.  The suction cups on the back have seen better days.  They are dry and cracking.  The plug is missing a lug, but this can replaced very easily.  I know nothing about this, as I stated on the BBS, I found it in the boot of a 1964 MGB that I purchased for parts.  I don't know what to ask, so make me an offer.  One gentleman has offered $50.00 for it, but I want people to see pictures first and understand what it is.  I have no use for it and it might be a nice completion piece for a MG-T.  If too many offers come in I will put it on e-Bay for everyone else to settle.  Thanks for your time. Jerry Urban

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