A website created for the purpose of disseminating information relative to the upkeep, repair and well-being of T-series MG automobiles with emphasis on TDs and TFs. .  Bud Krueger (click for email link)


Recent Additions and Contributions


Jack Gompf Profile by Dick Thomas (Link)
 Removeable SU Overflow Pipes by Bob Jeffers 10/13/10 (Link)
Latest TD Owners List from George Merson 10/10/10 (Link)
TD Tub Assembly from Hiram Kelley 9/24/10 (Link)
Ignition Failure Related to Pertronix Ignition Confict 8/30/10 (Link)
TD Wiring Diagrams from Scott Ashworth 6/26/2010 (Link)
From The Frame Up Catalog 5/31/10 (Link)
TD Floorboard Templates by Roy Challberg 4/19/10 (Link)
An Expletive Job -- Changing XPEG/XPAG Valve Guide Seals by Colin Stafford (Link)
XPAG/XPEG Camshaft ID'ing by Dave DuBois (Link)
XPAG Cooling System by Gene Gillam (Link)
Larry Shoer's Info on Prestone (Link)
Fuel Tank Sealing by Larry Shoer (Link)
Brake Rebuilding by Larry Shoer (Link)
Half Shaft Replacements by Guenter Kallies (



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