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Bud Krueger

Lazarus (click to expand)

A web site created to disseminate information to help keep our T-Series MGs on the road a bit longer.  Started (2/10/05) XYZ. 

Most of TTalk's info is found through the TechIndex

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Andrex Shock Absorbers (Link) (pdf files)
New list of Jim Neel's TD-related Websites (Link)
Tachometer Gearbox Issues (Link)
Installing a Dynamator Alternator in Lazarus (Link)
Information about Tcar Alternators
Links to a variety of TD/TF Manuals (Link)
Downloadable TD/TF Manuals from David Littlefield (Link) (pdf files)
TD Seat Belt Brackets by Roy Challberg (Link) (pdf file)
TD SeatBack Drawings by Jim Benjamin (Link)
Lazarus and Movies Again - Link1 and Link2 (pdf Files)
Trans Canada Planning Revised 20 Dec (Link to TransCanada Excel File) It's an Excel File.
More on Rear End Ratio Conversions (Link) 8/29/2015
Link to Steve Maas' Condenser Failure Article (Link) 6/19/2015
Link to W.K.F. Wood's XPAG Engine document (Link) 3/10/2016 pdf file
LED's ARB videos are now available on Ttalk (Link) 2/25/2015
LED's ARB YouTube Video Links (Link) 1/6/2015
Dashboard Images by Patrick Earles (Link) 7/18/2014
How LaVerne's Green Hornet Evolved (Link)
TF Auxiliary Electrical Panel by David Sheward (Link) 6/15/2014
Removable TD Hood by Jud Chapin (Link) 4/16/2014
Bob Grunau Parts Price List (Link) Jan./2020
TF Valance Modification (Link) 1/29/2014
'the53' has been SOLD
Beck-Arnley to SU Part Numbers (Link) 5/23/2013
The53 is for sale!! Recent images (Link) 4/7/2013
Early Abingdon Photo (Link to image)
TD Wiring Diagram with Fuses by ??? (Link to image)
O'Connor Clutch Linkage Fix (link to pdf File) (10/23/12)
TD Clock transistor Circuit by Tim Wilkinson (Link) 7/22/12
TF Tonneau Bar Images by Graeme Evans (Link) 6/14/12
Pedal Shaft and Bushing Replacement by Jeff Delk (Link) 6/1/2012
Rear Girling Shock Absorber Renewal by Larry Shoer (Link to pdf file)
TD Side Curtain Stowing by Rick Hyde (Link) 3/19/2012
Dave Clark's Remanufactured 4.3 Axles (Link)  3/10/2012
Hazard Flasher Wiring (Link) 3/7/2012
Images of very original 53TD by George ButzIII (Link) 1/20/12

Wheel Bearing Puller by Steve Wincze (Link) 6/20/11
Refurbished TD Thermostat Housing by Bob Jeffers (Link) 7/5/11
TF Seat Recovering by John Crawley (Link) 6/22/11
Rear Drum Holder by Steve Wincze (Link) 6/20/11
TD Tub Woodscrew Sizes from Hiram Kelley (pdf Link) 2/28/11
KelleyTubAssembly (Word File) (Link) 2/25/11
Dual Master Cylinder by James Crawley (Link) 2/23/11

Road Speed vs. Rear Gear Info from Tom Maine (Link) 1/13/11
Road Speed vs. Rear Gear Info from Tom Maine (Excel) 1/19/11
 TD Brake Servo Images from David Tinker (Link) 12/22/10
 Jack Gompf Profile by Dick Thomas (Link) 11/14/10
Removeable SU Overflow Pipes by Bob Jeffers (Link) 10/13/10
RTub Assembly from Hiram Kelley Link  9/24/10
Ignition failure resulting from disintegration of carbon brush (Link) 8/30/10

Latest -- TD Wiring Diagrams from Dave Runnings (Link) (8/14/10)
4.3 Conversion Images from Scott Ashworth (Link) (6/26/2010)

The new FTFU Catalog is now available to serve you with a "Dual Purpose".  It is not only the most comprehensive MG catalog you will find but also an excellent technical reference for any TC restoration. (FTFU=From The Frame Up) http://fromtheframeup.com/catalog.aspx 5/31/10

An Expletive Job….Changing your valve guide seals on XPEG/XPAG by Colin Stafford (Link)

 XPAG/XPEG Camshaft ID'ing from Dave DuBois (Link)
Gene Gillam's Presentation on the XPAG Cooling System (Link)
 Larry Shoer's info on Prestone
Fuel Tank Sealing (Larry Shoer) (Link) and
Brake Rebuilding (Larry Shoer) (Link)
Sump For Sale (Bud Krueger) (Link)SOLD
Half Shaft Replacements (Guenter Kallies) (Link)
High Mount TD Lamps by Charlie Baldwin (Link)
New, revised TSO CD-ROM
MG TD Auxiliary fuse panel installation by Evan Ford (Link)
Modern Oil Is Killing Our Engines - ZDDP
Something new (Oct 20, 2006) --- Fasteners

New - Moss Side Curtain Info -Curtains
New (12/3/07) - TD Side Curtain Box Dimensions - Box
New (7/24/08) Brake System Rebuild by Larry Shoer - Brakes


I'm one of a significant number of TD/TF owners who frequent the UKBBS site.  The BB didn't allow attachments to messages and sometimes members wanted to share an image with the rest of us.  I set up this site as a place where this could happen by allowing members to send images to me so that I could post them on a page of this site to be seen by all.
It has taken a bit of time to work out the details, but it's there.   Let's see where it goes.  In the meantime I invite you to send  your comments, ideas, suggestions, etc., to me. AND!!! If you have images, or text that you want to share with folks, send it to me and I'll post it on this site.     Bud Krueger

One of the driving reasons for creating Ttalk was a need to help owners of the first version of the NEMGTR CD-ROM containing 40 years of TSO content.  Larry Shoer produced a search procedure to resolve issues with version 1.

From Larry Shoer 2/6/07

Would you please post the attachment on T-Talk?  There is no longer a need for the bolt-on search procedure I developed.  The integrated search utility works well and there are many other improvement in this Version 2 CD-ROM.


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